Green Card Interview

Next stop: Frankfurt main station.


Finally after three years waiting, two years plus one pandemic year the day finally arrived. My green card interview. It was totally unreal and I was extremely nervous. I knew that not much could happen as me and my husband were together for 11 years and three years married. But firstly the US immigration interview is this myth: you never know what to expect, maybe Tom Cruise will float down from the ceiling with a green double laser. And secondly I am emotionally very involved when it comes to immigration, as I have been waiting forever due to a man in the White House who stopped immigration in March 2020.


OK, finally I was in Frankfurd and the next day would be my interview day. I decided to take a taxi to the hotel. The taxi driver was an older man probably 60+. He said to me:

„You should've come earlier“

I didn't understand what he was trying to say. „I've been waiting here for five hours, you are my first guest.“ Wow, I was shocked. We were both in the same situation, although he waited for people to drive and I waited for an audience. He had a taxi, but I didn't have a theatre to perform. We kept talking and of course politics came up and he gave a really wild monologue. He started with the story how he came in 1969 as an immigrant to Germany and that he would vote for the AFD this September in the big election. I stared at him in shock as this is the right wing party, that is against immigrants. He even offered me a flyer, but luckily didn't find one. Then he ranted about homosexuals while I debated, if I should say something or just stay quiet. When he switched to talking about the Illuminati I knew this was the moment to get out of the taxi and luckily we arrived at the hotel. I still gave him a good tip as I felt bad for him and his work situation.


There I was sitting in a hotel around the corner of the US Consulate. A friend who had her interview a few weeks prior recommended it to me. When I entered the room I had to laugh. She told me that the rooms are very small but would fit a yoga mat next to the bed and she was right. The bathroom actually seemed big compared to the room.


I brought my own dinner from home and had a picnic in front of the TV. Some friends called me to wish me good luck and at 8:15pm I watched „Germanys next topmodel“ on TV. A great distraction. Breakfast was booked at 6:30am so that I could sit there without rushing and sip on a coffee.


I got tired around 11pm and called Mike. We went through everything again and I also checked my documents. I checked my documents every day of the week that I had time to prepare and always added and printed new ones to prove that our relationship is legit.


I fell in and out of sleep and kept thinking of questions they could ask me. All of a sudden I heard birds singing. Well I guess I finally fell asleep and woke up in the morning. Cute how in the middle of Frankfurt some birds would sing to me on my interview day. It was almost 6am. I got ready for breakfast in this slection was OK for €9.50. A young Asian woman with a NASA sweater and an Asian man we're having breakfast too. They probably also have an appointment at the consulate. 

Next to me were two construction workers. A woman with a big suitcase and a massive folder with colorful papers came in, walked up and down and left. I couldn't eat much and went back upstairs after 30 minutes. I had another hour before leaving so what should I do? Of course I went through my documents again. I put on my interview outfit (Black jeans, black sneakers, dark blue zipper jacket with flowers). Then I decided to listen to music and dance around the tiny room.

I just had to get rid of my nervous energy

I already felt my stomach making nervous movements.


Shortly after eight I left and listened to Beyoncé life at Coachella while walking to the consulate. She was singing into my ears and I decided to have an in an attitude of excitement and happiness. Girlboss style.


Then I saw the high iron fences: „Wow this is a whole block just for the consulate.“ The area of the concert was really massive and I felt intrigued. I arrived at the gate and didn't know where to go because there were no people. Suddenly I heard a voice to a microphone saying: „Ma’am can I help you?“


I went to a window and was told to go to another window to check in. At the second window they had a list of names and when she saw my name on a too she gave me a number: W007

Next was a security check similar to the airport. Everybody was very nice. I had to shut off my phone and put it into a box with my headphones. Has no electric devices were allowed. They also took a tiny perfume and my rescue drops. Bad idea as I wanted to put some drops under my tongue in case I got extremely nervous. 


I walked into the next building and went to the third window. Behind that window was a man who spoke perfectly German. I was confused. He took my passport, my picture and my delivery confirmation and told me to sit down again. The chairs were all standing distance from each other and there were 10 other people waiting. One man was sitting with socks and crossed over legs on his chair meditating. „He is more nervous than I am“. I thought. A few minutes later I had to go to the next window. A pretty blonde young woman was sitting there again talking fluent perfect German. I was confused again. She took my original documents that I was told to bring and two more regarding my husband. Luckily I printed those and brought them with me. She explained a few things and told me to sit down again.

You would have been able to hear a mouse running on the floor that's how quiet it was.

But there was a reason why it was so quiet because being quiet was an advantage. All the windows communicated with the microphone and speaker system, which meant you could hear what the interviewer was asking. In the beginning I felt unsettling, wasn’t that a private and personal conversation? But then I realised this is not a bad thing as I could practice what I would answer to the questions. I started to feel pretty relaxed and wasn't afraid anymore. The woman with the big suitcase and the colourful folders was standing there answering questions in German. I could see and hear that she was struggling a little bit. But her visa got approved and she was excited and happy like a child. She came back to her chair and smiled at everybody with her eyes, everyone had to wear a mask, and I felt like she wanted to hug everybody. I was so happy for her. 


I heard a sound and my number was blinking on the screen. The time has come. I walked to a window and saw an older man with suit and tie. I decided to do my interview in English as a prepared for it. He explained that I would have to swear in oath, and while he was doing it I felt like he was hypnotizing me with his bright ice-blue eyes. He took my fingerprints and started to ask the first question. All questions were standard and I was very grateful for that. I even felt so relaxed that I started to make two jokes and he even laughed.

He said he can only make a final decision once he has my medical report. But he smiled at me and I kind of knew that it went well. He kept my passport which was a good sign and gave me my original documents.


After he said goodbye I went to chair and started complicatedly fumbling my original documents back into my folders. I that's when all my nervous energy hit me and I really had to concentrate hard to get my stuff packed up. I walked towards the exit, and got my phone and rescue drops back and left the embassy.


To be honest, I really don't know what I did or thought while walking back to the hotel. I just know that I had my parents on the phone when I enter to the hotel.

I sat Down on the bed and felt a big relief. I couldn't believe that that was it. I waited three years to have a 10 minute conversation that would determine my future. Silly!


Mike sometimes says:

„Life comes down to a few Moments and this is one of them!"

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