Green Card Interview
LIVING ABROAD · 18. April 2021
After 3 years waiting the day has finally come. I had my Green Card Interview in Frankfurt.
From Brooklyn to my childhood room
LIVING ABROAD · 07. March 2021
All of a sudden I was stuck back home in my own childhood bedroom. How could I just have been living in Brooklyn and now I'm transported into the past? And how can I access the NYC Mindset again?

LIVING ABROAD · 13. September 2020
Leaving London was harder than I thought. I had a love-hate relationship with it for a while, but then it changed...
LIVING ABROAD · 02. September 2020
Moving abroad feels like riding a rollercoaster: before you go on you never really know what to expect, sometimes you get a thrill and sometimes you puke.

LIVING ABROAD · 02. August 2020
Middle of April, New York City 2020 A parallel universe: The streets…unusually calm, a bit eerie, spooky, so empty. The hospitals…loud, stressed, fearful, chaotic. I’m sitting in our apartment feeling torn in between those two realities. What happened NYC?
LIVING ABROAD · 14. June 2020
End of May 2020 The day has arrived! We had to do the unthinkable: take a transatlantic flight during a world wide pandemic. Wohoo!!! Nothing prepared me for this chaotic experience!