Green card interview


After 3 years of waiting the day has finally come. I had my Green Card Interview in Frankfurt.

A wild taxi ride, ice-blue eyes and much more were part of my experience.


from brooklyn to my childhood bedroom


All of a sudden I was stuck back home in my own childhood bedroom. How could I just have been living in Brooklyn and now I'm transported into the past? And how can I access the NYC Mindset again


Bye bye london



Leaving London was harder than I thought. I had a love-hate relationship with it for a while, but then it changed…


Why 2020? An Attempt to explain


What a crazy year it has been. But did it all happen for no reason? I don't think so, I think there is a hidden purpose behind all of it. And this is why 2020 happened...

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The tunnel of feelings


We all have uncomfortable emotions, that we try to suppress.  But once you gather the courage to enter the tunnel of feelings, you might just realise emotions are meant to be experienced in order to evolve into a better you.

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Applause! You made it to 40!


Thoughts about a new decade and getting 40 being a women.

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Flying during a pandemic

End of May 2020


The day has arrived! We had to do the unthinkable: take a transatlantic flight during a world wide pandemic. Wohoo!!! 

Nothing prepared me for this chaotic experience! 

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the heartbeat of nyc

Middle of April, New York City 2020


A parallel universe:

The streets … unusually calm, a bit eerie, spooky, so empty.

The hospitals … loud, stressed, fearful, chaotic. 

I’m sitting in our apartment feeling torn in between those two realities. What happened NYC?

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The rollercoaster bliss

Throwback to 2017


Moving abroad feels like riding a rollercoaster: before you go on you never really know what to expect, sometimes you get a thrill and sometimes you puke.


bye bye London

My Royal Love-Hate City 


Dear London,

we had a bumpy ride. And it took me a while to get comfortable with you. But then things changed and I was surprised that saying goodbye was so damn hard. Why?